Let's Keep Teaching English to Children in Our California Public Schools

Forum: Proposition 58 Seeks to Rescind English-Only Education in California (Radio Debate)

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Almost two decades ago, California voters approved a law that required public schools to teach only in English. Proposition 58 would repeal that law and give teachers and parents the power to develop their own multilingual programs. Proponents say bilingual education reflects the state’s diversity and that knowing only one language puts students at a disadvantage in the global economy. Opponents of the proposition argue that English only classrooms help students grow more proficient in English and have improved standardized test scores across the state.

Adolfo Guzman Lopez, education correspondent, Southern California Public Radio
Ricardo Lara
, represents District 33 in the California State Senate
Ron Unz
, entrepreneur and political activist; drafted Proposition 227

(Reprinted from KQED by permission of author or representative)

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